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The lower loop between 59th and 65th on the east side road has been stripped for paving. Beware of the trough where the stripped road ends and the old road begins at about 65th st.

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Kiwi Greg (not verified)
Spring Classic

It's just a reminder for New Yorkers of what European racing is like. Imagine doing 300Km with sections of this thrown in for 'fun'
Put an extra layer of bar tape on and some x25 tires.
You won't feel a thing!
Honestly !
I rode multipul laps on it this morning. It's not too bad. But after a day of taxi traffic, I'm not making any promises.

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andrew10011 (not verified)
Central Park Paving

Do you know if the lower loop has been repaved yet?


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Rick Braun (not verified)

When I rode on it this morning at about 6:30 AM., the work was done!

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Bill (not verified)
Saturday TT?

Any word on if it will be repaved in time for Saturday's CRCA Time Trial?

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Ed White (not verified)

I did three laps around Central Park today, and I found that section really annoying. There is no way anyone should be racing on it. It runs roughly 1/4 mile starting on the southeast side where the horse carriages come in. One cyclist in front of me rode on the sidewalk for that portion of the loop. Normally, riding a bike on the sidewalk in Central Park is illegal, but maybe they'd be flexible in this case. I hope they fix it soon.

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don montalvo (not verified)

i ran a loop and there was no way i was going to run on the stripped part. too rough and unlike the bridle path, you can't plan ahead because you don't see the black rocks until it's too late. not to mention there's no lane divider so the taxi drivers have the perfect excuse to mow you down.


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Yogi (not verified)
Look I’m Streaking!

Friday, April 23, 2004

NEW YORK — Two gay lovers — a man in a black dress and a boy in only a pair of shorts — protested their families' lack of understanding for their relationship by climbing a Central Park tree on Thursday, stripping, performing lewd acts in front of onlookers and refusing to come down for hours. The lovers, ages 32 and 17, scaled the 55-foot larch tree next to the Chess and Checkers House around 4 p.m., said Detective John Sweeney, a police department spokesman.

The couple had told the boy's parents about their relationship and been rebuked, police said. The man — described by the New York Post as a pre-operative transsexual — played on branches near the top of the tree and waved at onlookers while the boy sat quietly a few feet below him. Police said the man later performed oral sex on the boy and stripped down to a thong to taunt them.

Police were alerted to the mischief when an onlooker flagged down a bicycle officer. When Emergency Services Unit officers responded, ""the two individuals began to shout obscenities to the approaching officers, threatening to push the officers down and throw branches at them in an effort to ward the officers off,"" police Inspector William Callahan said. The two were in danger of falling because the tree's largest branches were only 4 inches thick and couldn't support their weight for long, said police, who set up an inflatable safety mat on the ground.

Police negotiators who went up the tree to talk the couple down gave them soft drinks — a Diet Vanilla Coke was one specific demand — and water. A crowd of about 100 onlookers stood nearby. After about five hours, police put harnesses on the lovers and began to lure them down.

The names of the lovers were not immediately released. The couple were taken to a hospital for evaluation, and Callahan said arrests and criminal charges depended on the outcomes of those evaluations.

No one was injured in the bizarre Earth Day stunt, Callahan said.

""When I heard they were in a tree,"" he said, ""I figured it was very fitting.""

Only in NYC (and Maybe TDF).


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Evan Marks (not verified)
from NY1.com ...

APRIL 23RD, 2004

Two men who made a big scene Thursday in Central Park are now facing several charges.

William Rund, 32, a pre-op trans-sexual, and Christopher Montero, 17, of the Bronx climbed up in a tree near Wollman Rink naked and refused to come down.

Rund stripped down to a thong at one point.

Emergency service officers eventually removed the couple from the tree four hours later.

They've been charged with reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, public lewdness and disorderly conduct.

Both were hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

(Jeez, they should be evaluated for interrupting our laps last night. LOL)

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Joao (not verified)
Two men who made a big scene Thursday in Central Park

I saw that. Yesterday was one of those wacky commuting days.

On my way to work in the morning, some guy on 2nd Ave & 46th stood on the middle of the road, dropped his pants, crouched down, and I didn't stick around to witness the grand finale.

On my way home, I saw a bunch of police cars, yellow crime scene tape, helicopters overhead, and a huge crowd watching something in the area between Wollman Rink and the Chess and Checkers House. As I approached I noticed the two guys up the tree. One wearing purple thong panties and nothing else other than a pair of breasts, and one that at first appeared naked, but it turns out that he was wearing beige shorts. The thonged one was making a scene, while the other one remained quiet.

Now what I thought was the funny part was the reaction of the police. The blocked off a *HUGE* area, blocking the main loop at West 67th, and keeping all pedestrians about 200 yards back. Were they scared some of the tourists would be shocked by the sight of a naked transexual up a tree? Heck, I'm sure that's the kind of thing at least half of them came to NYC to see!

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Janet Klutch (not verified)
Is the roadway surface completed? (nm)
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Anon (not verified)
Not quite...

Not quite done yet - about a 100 meter long stretch still to be completed near the bottom or Horse Sh** Alley.

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adam a (not verified)
CP repaving -- what's the latest?

did anyone ride this morning? is it finished?

anyone know if they're planning to do other sections?

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Hasn't changed

A couple hundred feet unpaved near 6th Ave. entrance, as of Tues. evening 4/27. It's not unbearable.

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ted (not verified)
finishing up

The pavers are working as I write. They were almost finished as of 9pm. Should be good in the morning.

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Steve W (not verified)
Will they do additional sections?

Is this the end or beginning of a park-wide resurfacing project?

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