Wednesday, April 28 - Join us for a Viewing and Dinner

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  • Wednesday, April 28 - Join us for a Viewing and Dinner
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Anonymous the Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, subway station at 7.30.

The eight mural-sized lightboxes are located along the passageway between the 2 and 4 trains and the B and Q.

We'll then proceed to a nearby mideastern restaurant called Bedouin Tent.

It's beautiful work that shouldn't be missed, really. And Ellen's a blast.

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Ellen Jaffe (not verified)
Atlantic Ave

Re: Maggie's enthusiastic endorsement....
-the main thing is a great (and cheap) dinner at Bedouin Tent(I'm bringing the wine).

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Congratulations Ellen!

It's a real honor to have your artwork immortalized in so visible and central a location. I enjoy so much of the work I see in the subway, and I am looking forward to seeing yours! It will have to wait til after Wednesday--I have a long opera to sit through that night--but wish you the best of luck with the vernissage!

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Hey, we're going tonite... see Ellen Jaffe's incredible pictures in the Atlantic Ave. subway station, Brooklyn.

Hey you Manhattan people, you've got to visit the provinces once in a while you know.

We'll be at the giant lightbox exhibit at 7.30, then proceed to the Bedouin Tent, a mideastern restaurant in the area.

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