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"From 4/22/04

Commentary by Kristy Scrymgeour, with additional reporting from Tim Maloney

A few months ago, there were rumours alluding to the US Postal Service pulling out its sponsorship at the end of the year, and this was confirmed by USPS spokesman Gerry McKiernan today. The Postal Service has decided to go ""in another direction"" with its marketing plan according to McKeirnan, after eight years of sponsorship.
On the other hand, it's highly likely that a new sponsor will step in to fill the breach, and presenting sponsor Berry Floor has already indicated that it will increase its commitment. According to our sources in Berry Floor, the presence of the best known cyclist in the world meant that Berry Floor more than doubled its turnover in 2003, the first year of sponsorship of the USPS team.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Just came back from the post office and there's prominent display of the donkey from ""Schreck.""


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JP (not verified)

Hahahaha - good one.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Besides, I hear he (Eddie Murphy) lives near Woodland & Pershing.

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aw (not verified)

Could this be an early indicator that Lance has already decided to retire at the end of this season?

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"""Could this be an early indicator that Lance has already decided to retire at the end of this season?""

No, Lance had nothing to do with it. Perhaps the Postal Service thinks Lance is at the end of his run. Of course, the loss of their sponsorship might affect Lance'e plans for next year.

Since Ullrich is in poor form, Armstrong's chances look good for this year's TdF, but anything could happen. Unless he's beaten badly, I think he'll be back for one more year.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
auditing & accountability - expenditures & return on investment

I don't think so, at least from what I have read. USPS advertising on spending on sports is under much scrutiny. This is so for the $112 million or so they've spent on the NY Yankees. Only 1/2 million dollars can be accounted for of the $18 million spent on the cycling team. That's the expenditure side.

The other issuue is difficulty measuring the gain from spending money on sports related activitites. Purchasing an ad on tv an can be tied to Nielson ratings, for instance.

Most like Berry Floors, an existing USPS sponsor will step in and be the main sponsor - just my guess.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
"""International business"""

"AP reported: ""Cycling is popular in Europe and postal officials sponsored Armstrong’s team in an effort to increase their international business.""

I have to admit I don't understand this. What business is USPS getting from European countries?


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Paul Elkouss (remove the NOSPAM from the email address) (not verified)

The business they get is shipping. Outside of the USA, the USPS operates like a UPS or DHL. If people are sending parcels to the US, they could choose any shipper. IT USPS advertises, then people would be able to choose USPS.

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viviane tubiana (not verified)

As I understand it, they had all these planes GOING to Europe with US mail and coming back half empty, and wanted to generate business by letting people in Europe know that they could choose USPS for courier service to the US.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
A few bad words for the USPS sponsorship

"When the USPS undertook its sponsorship, I interviewed the ""spokesperson"" for it, in particular about the reason for it. In a remark breathtaking for its ignorance, she said its purpose was to promote sales of U.S. postage in Europe. When I pointed out you can't use U.S. postage in Europe and that the only sale would be in philatelic shops, her response was one of surprise to learn that.

I continued to ask the rationale in succeeding years. The rationale continued to morph. Finally it settled on giving the postale workers a model for teamwork and a morale boost.

The truth is, the whole sponsorship was utterly devoid of business rationale. A credible, reliable source states it was nothing more than a buddy-buddy thing between the marketing director for the USPS and his good bud, Thomas Weisel, the investment banker and brokerage owner whose company name you see on the USPS jersey and who formed the team in his shadow. This is the same Weisel who subverted the bylaws of the the USA Cycling to make a power grab and take-over of it.

One more thing about the USPS sponsorship: A few years ago I wrote the postmaster-general and suggested, inasmuch as the Postal Service sponsored the cycling team, all USPS vehicles have a bumper sticker urging drivers to be mindful of cyclists on the road.

The reply: The design director of the postal service decreed there be nothing on postal service vehicles except the USPS logo. RR note: So much for their priority. Also: You might want to note the large ads for MSN on the side of a great many USPS trucks.

A digression: Cycling is presented as a great business and sales opportunity to sponsors. The U.S. Pro Championship in Philadelphia, in times past called the Coors, CoreStates, and now Wachovia Championship represents it has 600,000-700,000 interested, dedicated spectators. Since the Super Bowl seats only c. 75,000 spectators and is a national, even world phenomenon, don't you think if there were 600,000 interested/dedicated spectators, the race would attract national TV coverage and Las Vegas betting as does the Super Bowl?"

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Too bad for the USPS. To me, having USPS sponsor Lance made me think of ""US Mail"" and fast together.

Oh, well, I expect to see clearance sales on the jerseys."

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