A STS Classic this saturday?

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For some reason I am not getting weekly email updates (yes I did renew my membership, jerky), and the ride is not listed on the homepage.

where, when to meet? Destination?


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Nathan (not verified)

I was about to post the same question. I have become very dependent on these rides being listed on the front page. If someone could let me know as well


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seth (not verified)

"thanks to Timothy for emailing me the info.

Saturday, April 24, 2004
A20/23 90+ mi 8:00 am
A-Classic STS: Storm King/Indian Mtn/Poughkeepsie
Leaders: Ron Roth, [email protected] and Bill Greene, [email protected]
From: The Boathouse
With some minor modifications, this route was shamelessly lifted from
Fred Steinberg. And Fred did his homework on this one. A hilly ride up
Little Tor, Old Gate Hill, and 7 Lakes Drive then a short stretch up 9W
for the “entertaining” ascent of Mountain Ave. above West Point on to
Storm King and its sweeping Hudson vista, lunch at Painters in
Cornwall, apple blossom time among the orchards of Marlboro, Indian Mtn
Rd. (great Berkshire views), and finally the train back from
Poughkeepsie! MetroNorth Bike Pass, spending pelf, helmets, paceline
skills, buff quads, and stamina are essential. If weather forecasts
call for persistent rain/wet roads we will scrub the ride and move it
to Sunday. If in doubt, check the NYCC message board for a cancellation
notice 90 minutes before departure."

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
Ride listings

You can find complete ride listings on the website. Look under Rides for Ride listings. User name and password required.

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