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Lance Armstrong takes Stage 3 in the Tour Of Georgia. The 5 time TDF winner won the 125km stage in a dowhill sprint beating out Ivan Dominquez (Colavita Olive Oil)- yes the same Ivan that lead the 2003 Bike NY (Racing for team Saturn at the time). He's now taken 2nd place for all 3 stages and will probably take the leader jersey.
There's a 30km Time Trial slated for the afternoon.

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JB (not verified)
Pretty surprising considering the downhill finish

"Also, quite the contrast to his main TdF adversary Jan Ullrich who dropped out of the European classic Fleche yesterday. From ""The former Tour de France winner [Jan Ullich] started the race Wednesday, but he was one of the early abandons""."

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JP (not verified)
And again!

Lance went on to win the TT stage 4 in the same day and take the yellow GC lead! 2 stages in one day. Well, under 3 months to the TdF - I hope Jan gets it together so we have one hellava race!

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