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""Depending on the area of the body, the Swift Spin designers used different materials to alter airflow subtly with the idea of limiting low-pressure areas directly behind the rider's body.

For example, the shoulders and arms of the Swift Spin suit are finely dimpled, but the body of the suit is extremely smooth.""


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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
It's not about the threads

"""BEAVERTON, Ore., April 14 — Lance Armstrong's fate in the 2004 Tour de France may hinge on work now being done by clothing designers here on Nike's sprawling campus.""

I thought the TdF was a competition between the racers, not the clothing makers.


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Yogi (not verified)
Special Design Threads

In addition to mechanicals, flats and bonking, Lance has to watch out for 'wardrobe malfunctions'.

> 2004 Tour de France may hinge on work now being done by clothing designers

The Psych-job starts NOW!

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don montalvo (not verified)


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Leigh Ettinger (not verified)
skin suit oops

Frankie Andreau did a piece on OLN about the Nike skin suit before the time trial last year in the Tour. Apparantly much effort was put into redesigning the seam in the lumbar area. Instead of being perpendicular across the back it was now U shaped and flush in order to allow the airflow to pass more smoothly over the lower back. This adaptation to the skin suit cost much time and $$$ so I was surprised to see the USPS team roll off of the start line with a Race Number patch planted exactly in that area!!! All aerodymanic benefits must have been lost and someone's job was surely on the line. Did any one else notice this?

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