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"The police station between Hudson Terrace and 9W just south of Palisades Ave, strongly suggested our club look for another rest stop. They want to ""secure"" the building.

The Sig groups and some club rides have gotten huge and we no longer slip in and out of popular stops without being noticed.

Does anyone have suggestions of how we may avoid losing the use of strategic rest stops, i.e. express our appreciation in some way?"

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Two suggestions

First, we need to remind ourselves to be good guests and to leave the restrooms clean. Public or private, the place shouldn't have to pay someone else to clean up after us. And remember, we are cycling diplomats! Second, we need to be generous in buying whatever the place has for sale, or make a donation. No one with a thousand-dollar bike is destitute--we can afford it.

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John (not verified)
Here's a suggestiuon

Perhaps setting aside a portion of ENY entry fee to be used to help defray the cost of maintaining premises. Similar to the Adopt a Highway program for corporate sponsorships, this would be an Adopt a Police Station.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
I Agree

I agree. We should offer to help carry some of the weight by paying a time-based fee or even a per-person fee (if it were small, like 50 cents), especially for large groups. I've found the people at the police station to be very friendly, but why should we expect a free ride? It's not reasonable to expect the police station to absorb the entire cost of us using their bathrooms.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
No message. (nm)
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Gotta Go (not verified)
FWIW some bathroom ideas but nothing near EC police station

FWIW, some bathroom ideas, but nothing near EC police station.

The bathroom diaries:

Maybe train stations:

and public libraries:

can suffice for small groups or urgent needs. But again nothing near the EC police station.

Here are the parks in Bergen County:

But again nothing near the EC police station.

Flatrock Nature Center?

Tenafly Nature Center?

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Geoff Baere (not verified)
Gas Station on the Parkway

There's a gas station on the Palisades Parkway about halfway between the bridge and the police station. It can be reached through a hole in the fence. The bathrooms (at least the men's room) have reproductions of fine art on the walls. You can also take the opportunity to load up on over-priced gatorade, water, snacks, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc. I wouldn't say it is the best public bathroom experience I've ever had, but it's better than any police station I've ever been in.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
GWB Bus Terminal & Playground on Ft Wash

GWB Bus Terminal & Playground on Ft Wash in 170s.

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Lois (not verified)
Re: Two Suggestions

"The police department can't accept money for our use of its facilities. However, I think an annual donation to the local PBA from the NYCC would be an appropriate way for the NYCC to express its appreciation for the P.D.'s tolerance of our weekly ""invasions."" As a good-will gesture, it also might be a nice idea for the NYCC to send a box of donuts, muffins, etc. to the station on SIG-Saturdays as a thank-you for their continuing support.


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JP (not verified)

Donuts .. hmmmm good. Though an law enforcement official may see it as an sterotypical insult. PBA donation - great idea!

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
pit stop

the park on the NJ side of the GW bridge, (to your left as you get off the bridge) has bathrooms. They don't open till the park does, but they do have bushes in that event.

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