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Anyone know where the washers go?

I took apart my 10 year old. RX-100 triple crank (similar to 105) and realized that the unit included washers. Trouble is, I can't figure out where they go. Shimano doesn't have diagrams for this model. I suspect they're for the middle ring or the granny. Anyone know?

Also, current Shimano triples have the markings on the big ring facing out, but the rest face in. Is that the case for the RX-100T?

Does someone have an RX-100T that they can take a look at?


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Too late to close the barn door, but...

Making a little sketch, (you don't have to be Rembrandt), of how the thing was put together as you're taking it apart helps.

Are the washers thick or thin? Thick washers usually are spacers that are used to space the small inner ring away from the arm. The 2 large rings usually attach to the spider with the chainring bolts, no washers.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Thanks Bill,

The washers are thin.

Some additional ""forensics"" (round impressions from the washer on the middle chainring) has led me to believe that they go between the middle chainring and the spider. I'll also be peeking at people's cranksets at the next SIG.

BTW: Reassembled the thing yesterday. Looks like the washers insure a perfectly straight chainline from the middle chainring to the middle of 7 sprockets."

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sukeun (not verified)

They go in between the spider and the inner ring. The lower quality Shimano rings are thinner and it requires the washers there to space it to specification.

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