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I've started cylcling again recently (after moving to the nether region of Brooklyn called Bushwick) and am trying to figure out a good route for long rides.

I've been riding the loop in prospect park, which isn't too hard to get to. But after few hundred laps, I've noticed my motivation draining away, and loathing for other humans to be steaming out of control.

Are there any good roads ... maybe one that heads straight into long island that you can pretty much cruise on? Am I dreaming?

Unfortunately, from where I am, crossing manhattan and GW bridge is more than I can deal with on a regular basis.

Thanks for any help,

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JP (not verified)
Myrtle Ave

Bushwick and the Netherlands – it’s all Dutch.

Anyway, north of PP is Myrtle Ave – take it east to about 84th (?) St. and across from the Jackie Robinson Pkwy entrance/exit, branching off of Myrtle to the left, is Union Tpk.

Bear left and take Union Tpk. Then you have a choice:

I. Go 2 blocks or so and make a right at Woodhaven. At some point, Woodhaven becomes Cross Bay Blvd. The last 4-6 miles of Cross Bay, esp. in Broad Channel and into Rockaway , are flat, bike-laned, unpopulated, and nice to hammer/time trial. Once over the last bridge and in Rockaway, you can navigate:
A. left-east towards Long Beach/Lookout; or
B. right-west towards Riis Park and the Marine Park Bridge back to Flatbush Ave and fairly empty bike paths to Sheepshead Bay and home (Prospect P) via Bedford or Ocean Pkway.

You can combine A and B.

About 45-70 miles, depending. Many subway bail-outs and Long Beach has the LIRR.

The boardwalk in Rockaway, running east and west, is iffy for cycles at certain hours, but I have waived to cops and gotten nods. Long Beach b'walk is cycle-friendly with a lane. Or, you can ...

II. Continue on Union Tpk, crossing Woodhaven, to Queens Blvd/Grand Central Pky/Kew Gardens/Stautue of Civic Virtue – the starting point of several LI rides – Syosset, Oyster Bay, Northpoer, Greenport. Do the north shore – look for cue sheets in the NYCC ride library.



for the NYC cycle map and routes all over and out of Brooklyn. Explore!

G'luck, John

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Jamaica Bay, definitely

"The ""B"" option in the previous message is a good one. The loop around Jamaica Bay is just about 20 miles (+ whatever you ride to get to it from Bushwick). The 2003 NYC Cycling Map (free at most bike shops) shows it clearly.

You will have to make some choices in closing the loop between Pennsylvania Avenue and Crossbay Blvd. The Greenway path continues east of Pennsylvania, but craps out into a 1/2 mile or so of unpaved junk, before funneling back onto a narrow sidewalk path into Howard Beach. You might prefer to ride up Pennsylvania into Starrett City and then work eastwards on one of the onstreet routes.

For the Rockaway portion, I usually skip the boardwalk and just barrel down Beach Channel Blvd on the bay side. With no traffic entering from the right, you can pretty well sail through all the intersections. A brisk wind from the W or SW adds to the challenge.

For a little variety, you can also do double laps in Prospect Park. Start as you normally would at Grand Army Plaza, but at the bottom of the _big_ downhill, take the hairpin turn to the left and start climbing gently with the lake on your right. You'll eventually rejoin the main loop just beyond the boathouse. About 150 feet further along, take the left turn (roughly at the carousel) and climb again. You'll rejoin the main loop at the top of the _big_ downhill. Descend again, finishing the lap on the main loop. Each double lap is 4.95 miles +/-, which is 5 miles in my book."

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JP (not verified)

The greenway path from Sheepshead Bay to Flatbush Ave(Plumb Beach) is nice, usually empty. But, once you cross Flatbush and pick it up again heading east, it gets a little nasty. Doable for sure, but lots of broken sea shells, rickety bridge ways (wooden slats and metal plates), with one bridge having no guard rail between you and the Belt Pkwy cars – yeow! Just a curb. I used to do Pennsylvania Ave, but recently (2 months ago) tried the Greenway beyond Penn and it’s OK – I walked about 50 yards through 1” sandy dirt. But your avoid Penn, Starrett, Cozine and all those industrial areas; you also avoid several miles of semi-suburban sprawl In Howard Beach.

Myrtle Ave takes you right there from the north– it’s a bit commercial in spots, but no different than midtown Manhattan. Hey, do both and compare.

Yes, Channel Drive in summer – the b’walk gets crowded and you are/may be illegal.

Also, there is the Owl’s Head path under the Verazanno. From PP, head over to 5th Ave (or any Ave) and take it to 69th St/Bay Ridge Ave, make a right and go to the water and pick it up. It ends at Bay Pkway. Go straight for Coney Island-Sheepshead, or a left on Bay Pkway, right on Bath, left 26th Ave, … well, see the bike map link I posted. Some great eats down there too! I gotta go again soon.

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Paul R (not verified)

Thank you for the replies, everyone.
I'll try my luck at not getting hopelessly lost this saturday.

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