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Can any weather experienced riders suggest what to wear tomorrow? Would it be safe to leave the tights at home, or is it still a tights day? Long sleeve jersey or short sleeve.

I will be on a C-Sig ride.

Thanks for any thoughts

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Michael Casey (not verified)

Depending on how you feel about being cold, you could wear the tights until it gets warm or skip them altogether. Days like this are what makes arm and leg/knee warmers so handy. I personally don't ride with bare knees unless it's at least 70, so if all I had was tights, I'd wear them over shorts and a light windbreaker over a jersey, and leave room in my pockets to stash them later.

PS: Don't forget sunblock.

Hope this helps.

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Carol (not verified)

Sunday should be much like today. Arm warmers and leg warmers were all I needed early in the ride, and when they came off after an hour or so, I was fine the rest of the day in shorts and short sleeved jersey with vest. Some in my group who wore tights and long sleeved jerseys were too warm. But it may depend on where you're riding. Today, New Jersey was nearly 20 degrees warmer than Long Island.

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