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I don’t believe Mr. Jeff Terosky can lead you guys to the northern lands this weekend, so it is up to me to do so and to shepherd the group back to the city safely.
Since it will be a warm day lets try to make it to Nyack. It also means that we have to leave promptly at 8:35 am.
We will just keep a steady pace so no worries about getting dropped but do bring 2 bottles, some pocket food and the usual tool kit/flat kit.
Hope to see you there!


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MJ (not verified)
How fast

At about what speed are you planning on going??

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John (not verified)
Where to meet?

Where's the meeting point for this ride?

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su keun chun (not verified)

We will meet at The Boat-house on Sunday 8:30 am and will depart at 8:40 am.
The pace will be 20 mph/avg.
phone 212-966-2109
cell 917-660-7915

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