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Further to a posting I put on recently about bike hire, I am looking to maybe pick up some Assos clothing in NYC whilst over on holiday.(as the exchange rate is pretty good just now (£))

Looking to pick up maybe pair of Dura Ace brake Calipers as well, so if anybody knows best places for D/Ace equip it would be much appreciated.


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Herb (not verified)

Conrad's at Tudor City Place sells Assos clothing and could also get you D/ace equipment. I would suggest calling so they would have it there when you arrive.

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Park rider (not verified)

Funny, I get my assos stuff on e-bay from a guy in the UK who is much cheaper than here.

Since it is made in Europe, the euro has hurt prices here.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Parker International? Total Cycling?

Anyway, check out for D/A.

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T (not verified)

Or if you have time to wait, order from

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