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"Hi Folks,
I'm looking for the Bicycle Log for 2004. We got one in our February newsletter, but I need to print another one and it seems to be nowhere to be found!! Even the link on the website under ""Resources"" to the Bicycle Log for 2003 says that its not available. Anyone got a spare one they could e-mail to me?


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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
The NYCC 2004 mileage chart
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B. Dale (not verified)
Mileage Log

Westchester Cycle Club has one online

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Gordo (not verified)
Online Rideminder


I've developed a small online application for tracking rides, adding up mileage, time, start/end places, etc.

It even tracks multiple bikes and approximate calories burned. And if you are also a runner, it will keep track of your runs in the same manner. I'm actually working right now to get swimming working so triatheletes can use it for all three sports.

It's totally free (I'm just an average schmoe who's not looking for any money). I don't even ask for an email address...

Try it out:

- Gordo

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