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C. Schmidt (not verified)
Lance..OUT w/ the old (Sheryl Crow)- IN w/ his new Love Life(nm)

No doubt that Lance will loose the 2004 Tour if he keeps riding in this pace.

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Ted (not verified)
Lance rides A19

Why doesn't Lance have his name on his helmet?

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John (not verified)
Lance rides A19

"Lance doesn't need a name on his helmet for the SIG.

When you suddenly feel a twitch in your ""wanton area"" ....
then you know that Lance is right behind you on a paceline.

This magnificent riding maneuvering skill was perfected and tested year after year by Dr. Ed. since the beginning of the A-19 SIG.

This is why the A-19 SIG is a cut above the rest of the other SIG's.

Isn't that correct Dr. Ed?

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Joe (not verified)
Dr. Ed & Dr. Lance

It's nice to see Lance is gearing up for life after racing. Becoming a Proctologist just might be the ticket with a little help from Dr. Ed.

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C. Schmidt (not verified)
Dr. Lance ???

Why be a Proctologist when you can make $10 million on one Subaru Ad., $65 mil ++ on a Nike Ad & endorsements, etc... etc...

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