River Road

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Does anyone know the current condition of River Road...how bad is the road surface from the entrance in Ft. Lee and is the rock slide debris cleared at the last climb? The B-SIG is supposed to take that route next week.


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Anon (not verified)

All clear. One small section where last slide was is unsurfaced and filled with very heavy gravel. The section is only about 4-6 ft long. Otherwise, River Road is River Road...

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
You can ride it, no problems

I agree with Anon. I rode it last Wednesday and it was fine.

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Christian (not verified)

Hi Carol,

I rode it on Friday. There is the aforementioned 6-8ft large-gravel section prior to Closter Dock, and the road surface up to 1 mile from the start is rough, per usual.

It's no worse than usual, and I'm feeling good about leading the SIG participants on it.

- Christian

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