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Other than being close to a prison or two, does the Cragsmoor climb (South Gully Road?) recommend itself or is one better off sticking to Mohonk, Minnewaska, etc.?

BTW, anyone up for a slow Saturday tour in the Gunks?

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
both are fine

"South Gulley Road is a beaut of a climb and it is in close enough proximity to Mohonk for one to do both climbs. If I had to chose one, I'd do South Gulley - less traffic, nicer views and more challenging.

Thanks to Fred S., you can find direction details on how to link both climbs by clicking here

I gather from your past posts, you really like climbing hills. Here's something to consider penciling in on your calendar. Check out this
. I will be leading this ride again on May 22nd with the notable exception of a century option (2x52) for double climbing pleasure.

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DC (not verified)

Thanks! As a bonus, I will post Polar 710 stats of the climb if I get the opportunity to get out this weekend.

Yes, I do like hills, though that probably just means I am a (slow) glutton for punishment. Now finding a few good hills for training is a necessity, since I have somewhat foolishly planned to do a ride in CA on the 24th.


What was it that Nietzsche said again about how to get stronger?

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Yogi (not verified)

">What was it that Nietzsche said again about how to get stronger?

""What does not kill us hurts like a %#*$… !""

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Cragsmoor or Minnewaska

I would rather do Mohonk-Minnewaska loops than hill-repeats up to Cragsmoor. You can do two or three loops, and you can ride either way (Minnewaska East/Mohonk West or Mohonk East/Minnewaska West) or both. Mohonk is a pretty tough climb when you're tired. You can add to the climbing by riding up to Minnewaska State Park.

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John Z (not verified)
Try This

Tough ride in CA considering our miserable winter and its only two weeks away. The first time you mentioned it, I presumed it was later I they year. This means you have 10 days (I would not ride much past the 20th) and one more weekend. Have you a good base? Did you get away for during the winter. I will assume you have some base Here is the ride I would do the weekend before:

Start in Ellenville, then climb up to Sam's Point via South Gully Road, for a total of 1700 vertical feet. Not quite Mt. Diablo, but New York's most difficult climb, Whiteface Mountain, is currently covered with snow. Shame, because Whiteface is more difficult climb than Mt. Diablo and would have been a great place to train.

After Sam's Point I would head west on Route 55 and climb Yeagerville Road, a 1200 vertical foot climb. I would then hit Peekamoose and head over to Phoenicia and do Slide Mountain, about 2000 vertical feet over 12 or so miles, but the first half is very gradual.

The I would do Glade Hill Road, about 1250 vertical feet in 1.9 miles. It is very steep. This is your test. If you can't do it in under 20 minutes, GET A TRIPLE.

Continue on 55 and climb Minnewaska. Then hit Cragsmoor from east to west via Villa Maria, another very steep climb. That's about 140 miles and 16000 vertical feet. You can do a couple things to add a few miles here and there, but you don't need to do more than 150 to be ready.


Not necessary to post South Gully stats, we all know it and been there many times.

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DC (not verified)

Thanks! Although I have done this ride in CA twice before, that was when I lived there. This year will be interesting, to say the least. I believe I have a good base, but I have never really done any trainer work before and am not sure how it will translate. We'll see. If I get through this one it will bode well for the rest of the season, anyway.

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