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Just got some bar tape (Performance Forte Gel) and found that it does not have adhesive. I'm used to the kind with sticky back. What's your experience with the non-adhesive kind? Thanks

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Evan Marks (not verified)
crazy glue

Trim the end with a knife or scissor just as you would w/ stick-back bar tape, brush a bit of crazy glue on the loose end, press it down to the last wrap of bar tape and hold it down w/ scotch tape for a few minutes 'til it sets. Peel away the scotch tape and voila! a clean, finished end without the extra wrap of finishing tape.

Been using Profile bar wrap (non sticky-back) for a while - seems more comfy than Cinelli.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Evan, do you mean to do this at the beginning (bar end) or end (near the stem?) And what about keeping the tape from shifting in the middle (as my last sticky tape did?) Thanks.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Do that at the end in lieu of finishing tape.

If the tape is shifting in the middle it's likely you've wrapped it the wrong direction* - the tape should be wrapped the same direction as the pressure your hands put on it, not the other way.

Bend down and look at the bar end on the right side as though you were looking at a clock face. Begin wrapping the tape in a clockwise direction so it ends up in the correct orientation when it gets to the bar top. Obviously, wrap the left side of the bar in the opposite direction.

*or it's not pulled tight enough, though wrapped the wrong way is much more likely. Be careful not to pull it TOO tight, it'll rip.

Just to clarify as per the note below, the tape should be glued down to itself, not the handlebar.

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C. Schmidt (not verified)
Don't use Crazy glue if your stem/bar is made out of carbon (nm)
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ITNOC (not verified)
I perfer the sticky back

My own experience with both types of bar tape tend to make me favor the adhesive back. If you tightly wrap a non adhesive tape it should hold up well. The important thing is to wrap it in the right direction. I always wrap the left side of the bar counter clockwise and the right side of the bar clockwise. (looking at the bar from the seat) until I get to the brake handles. I wrap it such so that the direction of the tape now starts under the bar and over the top wrapping from the front of the bike to the rear of the bike. In this way your grip on the top of the bars or on the drops will always be in a tighting of the tape mode.
Hope this is clear to you.

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