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Has anyone succesfully used the polar usb interface to download the data to a mac running virtual pc? So far I have been unable to make it work. Any suggestions?

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Greg C (not verified)
Mac TrainingLog software

Have a look at this site. www.otag.co.uk
Sadly Polar has never made a Mac OS interface. This software is continuously developing and getting good feedback form it's users.
It may not have all the bell 'n' whistles of the Polar software but it's pretty good.
Hope this works for you.

Ps. ditch the Virtual PC.

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don montalvo (not verified)
they used to years ago...not anymore

"Greg C ([email protected]) wrote:

Sadly Polar has never made a Mac OS interface

actually...they did some years back:



The Polar PC/Vantage XL Interface comes as a set of software, cables, and file exchange hardware. It permits down loading of information from the Vantage XL to an IBM PC or clone, DOS based personal computer or an Apple Macintosh personal computer for further analysis. The system permits you to create a permanent record of your workout, (or workouts), and enhances quantitative analysis over a period of time.


The system comes with a 30"" DB-9 to DB-9 Male/male cable which is used to cable directly to a DOS based PC serial port, and in the Macintosh case comes with a DB-9 to a round 8 conversion cable which plugs into the Modem/serial port, the software is Macintoch System 7 compatible, and we have tested, and it works smoothly on System 7.1.0, it will also run on System 6 with a release of 6.5 or lower."

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Anon (not verified)
are you serious?

For $440, who's kidding whom!?

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don montalvo (not verified)
hehe...makes otag's $30 solution a great deal (URL)
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Heath (not verified)

My problem seems to be getting the mac to recognize the polar usb ir. Not sure how to get the computer to see this device.

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Greg C (not verified)
Polar IR reader

I believe there are some issues with the USB IR reader from Polar and OS X. If you check the Otag website it seems a lot of the users and using a serial reader with a KeySpan serial/ USB interface.
I guess it can't be long before these guys come up with a USB patch for the Polar reader. Lets face it, you know there are motivated ... they ride bikes ..... and use Mac's !

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Anon (not verified)
Keyspan USB serial adapters work pretty well

Haven't tried it with the Polar, but Keyspan USB serial adapters work pretty well on the Mac for several other things (including under Virtual PC (pre Microsoft version anyway).

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Try the Australian Polar Website

Jeff Wilson gave me the address to this site. It helped me solve problems with my S710.


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Anon (not verified)
Mac + Keyspan + Vrtual PC + System 9.2.2

"From Australian site:

You must have:

* OS 9.2.2 (other versions of OS 9 may work)
* Keyspan high-speed serial to USB adapter (model #19QW)
* Serial IR Polar unit
* Virtual PC v. 5 with Win98 (works w/VPC 4.0) or Win2K (not w/VPC 4.0)

Make sure you load the keyspan extensions for OS 9. In VPC's settings
for Windows select ""COM1"" and choose the Keyspan unit. Go into the
settings for the Polar software and make sure it's set to Serial and
COM1 for the 710 connection.

What does NOT work:

Mac OS X with any combination of VPC (Classic does not work)
USB IR Polar unit (does not work with any MacOS or VPC version)


PC Coach v. 3.5 is able to connect to the 710 without a problem via
setup above.

Once you get the data off the watch in OS 9 you can then boot back into
X and use VPC and the Polar Software/PC Coach with the files.

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don montalvo (not verified)

when you add up the price of virtual pc and the necessary hardware adapter, wouldn't it make more sense to purchase a used pc laptop? i picked up a dell latitude 500 cxs for a few hundred about a year ago. works fine when you need to run pc software for stuff like polar hrm's, updating nextel phones, running topo-usa, etc.

don (traditionally mac/linux, now mac/linux/pc)

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