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Is anybody (else) interested in riding out to the beginning of the B-SIG at the Statue of Civic Virtue on Saturday morning? I imagine it would mean meeting at the QB Bridge at around 7:45. I haven't ridden the bridge in years, so I'm not certain of the access, and I'm not yet even certain of riding, so please respond if you're interested.

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Adam Pollock (not verified)
Queensboro Bridge access

Bridge access from the Manhattan side is at 60th and 1st, SW corner. The bike/pedestrian path is open. Choose your approach, ride west up the ramp, make the hairpin left, and you're Queens-bound on the bike/pedestrian path.

Maps detailing bike access to the East River bridges can be found on Transportation Alternatives' website at http://www.transalt.org/info/maps.html.

I'd join you, but I'm coming from the Brooklyn side.

- Adam

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ann (not verified)
Where is B-Sig meeting tomorrow (April 10)?

I didn't get the cue sheet this week - where are we meeting tomorrow morning?

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John Kalish (not verified)
Meeting place this Saturday

I sent the email and cue sheet to your email address. We meet at the Statue of Civic Virtue - Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike - at 8:50.

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ann (not verified)

Thanks again, John.

If you decide to ride out to Kew Gardes, access to the Queensboro bridge is easy - enter bike path at 61st Street/Just west of 1st Avenue. Good luck!

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