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I'm traveling with my bike by plane in a few weeks and would LOVE to borrow a hard bike case, rather than spend the $$$$ to buy a brand new one. If you are willing, I promise to take good care of it and even buy you a great present from my trip. I'm a C-Sig leader, very reliable, and would appreciate it so much!!!

If anyone has other ideas....please do tell.

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Paul Elkouss (remove the NOSPAM from the email address) (not verified)

Call some shops, maybe you can rent it.

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fixie (not verified)

sid's bikes on 34th rents them. and if you are a 5bbc member, there is a hard case that can be borrowed.

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Rich (not verified)
Used Cardboard Box

I wouldn't spend any money. Just ask your shop to hold a cardboard shipping box for you. The're free and you can ditch them at the airport. Great for a rolling exit.


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Ray (not verified)
Consider entire trip with the case...


I borrowed the 5bbc case for a west coast trip last year and I think I hit all the worst-case scenarios there are:

The 5BBC is up at 116th street and only open one evening in the week, so it took me a while just to get the case. Then I discovered that it was quite bulky and heavy. It only had a strap with which to hold it, and you'd have to tilt it and hold it on that strap in order to move it, so after walking maybe 50 yards with the loaded box, my hands seriously hurt. It was tough (but possible) to take that thing on the train, or up escalators at the airport, especially since I carried one more rolling bag.

Then, the airlines charged $80 extra each way(!) for the box, and I had to stand in line (and get it back at) an extra check-in/pick up line. And finally, at my destination, I found that it barely fit in the economic-sized car that I had rented.

Going back, it was the same thing, just in reverse. Plus, when I got to the 5bbc to bring it back, no one was there, requiring an extra trip.

All in all, it was quite a nightmare. Of course, I wasn't very smart about it (also called a can-do attitude), so I encourage you to take the entire trip into consideration: how to get the box, how to get to the airport, how to transport it, where to store it while you ride, etc. You probably find that you'll need extra taxi/van services.

I personally don't think I'd do it again, but would look for a professional sports equipment shipper (e.g. sportsexpress) to take that damn bike off my hands from my door, and I won't care just how much they'd charge. But your mileage may vary...

Good luck :)

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andrea kannapell (not verified)
i've got one, you're welcome to it

email me or call 212-674-1323. it's in my storage space in the east village.

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