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"Dear NYCC'rs,
We need help with a bicycle route through NYC. My wife and I will be riding from our home in Maine to Philadelphia and back this month. For the return ride north we will ride through NYC area on our way NE to coastal Connecticut.
For your information, I have ridden through NYC a few times, and I have worked out this route north: 27 from New Brunswick to Newark, the Clay St. bridge to E.Newark, Kearny Ave. and 17 to Lyndhurst, then up through Rutherford, Woodridge, Hackensack, Teaneck, Leonia, and Ft. Lee to the GW Bridge...then N on Broadway to Nagle Ave. to Fordham Rd. to Boston Post Rd. (Rt.1).
That route seems okay, except I still haven't found a seemless way from Hackensack to Leonia.
My hope is that someone in NYCC could either 1) suggest a route for the Hackensack to Leonia portion; or 2) suggest a different route from Philadelphia to coastal Connecticut, which may or may not involve ferry, train, or subway in or about NYC.

Many thanks,
Rob Johnston
and Janika Eckert
Albion, Maine USA


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
NYC to Philadelphia

"Here's a cue sheet for NYC to Philadelphia.

And try the Bike Route Database for various routes between NYC and Philadelphia.

Good luck!

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Rob Johnston (not verified)
Bike route database

Dave C's bike route database is excellent! Thank you.
Rob Johnston

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Hackensack to Bogota/Leonia is actually ""pretty simple.""

Alt 1. Court St connects to ""Ft Lee Rd/DeGraw Av."" There's a steep uphill in Leonia, but it's doable by seasoned cyclists (or walkable.) There's a stretch over I-95 that expands to 6 lanes and probably gets busy during the week.

Alt 2. Anderson St connects to Cedar Lane. Left on Queen Anne, R on Forest, L on Lafeyette Pl, R on Lafayette Av, R on Palisade Av. Then it's uphill. (There are several routes in our library that take a circuitous route to mitigate that. Look for ""churchill"" and ""walnut."") Then Right on Hudson Terr to the GWB.

Alt 3. My favorite is to cross from Hackensack to Teaneck via Main St/Old New Bridge Rd. There's a 150+ year old peds only bridge there.

Be aware that NJ-4, I-80, I-95, US 1-9, The Palisades Interstate Parkway and probably US 46 are not bikeable. Most other roads are.

If in doubt, e-mail me with your proposed route and I'll tell you where the ""gotchas"" are.


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Rob Johnston (not verified)
Hackensack to Leonia

Thanks for the tips!! I will make time to look at these options this weekend, and I may have questions for you, if you don't mind.

Rob Johnston

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