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the runners in today's scotland run 10k race were all over the road. the nyrrc really needs to deploy more marshalls. there was a total lack of control. i saw so many cyclists having to unclip and wait for clearance to move (we ran clockwise).

the nyrrc deserves to get a formal reprimand from the parks and police departments for not having enough marshalls to control things. if the crca can get their butts chewed out for not sticking to the rules, so can the nyrrc.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I just forwarded the thread address to the webmaster at NYRRC
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ITNOC (not verified)
So true

I was riding just inches off the curb and had to finally stop. Thought for sure I was going to get a jogging shoulder and bumped to the ground.

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slippy (not verified)
Fact of Life?

"Though I'm not looking forward to another Cyclists vs. Runners vs. Bladers thread, I'd have to say that Sunday's circumstances are pretty much par for the course for any NYRRC event.

True, there are some marshalls who do try to keep the road clear, probably more out of concern for the runners' safety rather than yours or mine, but most of them seem to act as if other park users are trespassing.

I recall one time, while threading my way at walking speed through a gaggle of runners and onlookers in the supposed ""bike lane"", I saw a marshall standing right there chatting with someone. When I inquired, quite politely, as to why he wasn't doing anything to keep the lane clear, his response was a loud ""F-You"", followed by a few other runners referring to me as an , uh... rectal cavity, a sentiment echoed by 'Runner Too', below.

Ce la Vie? Whaddaya want? Can't fight City Hall? Whatever, now I just avoid the park altogether during these events.


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