B15 STS?

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I was wondering what happened to the B15STS. I originally read that someone volunteered to lead. Are there any members in the group? I also read (here on the message board)that there wasn't a ride last Sunday. I too was in the park but did not see the group. I haven't seen a ride listed in the weekly email either. I thought perhaps the group just never got off the ground since it was an afterthought. If that's the case... maybe next year!

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Laura Selikson (not verified)
B 15 STS

What happened is that, even though I had very good intentions, and made a good effort, due to my inexperience, and also other factors, it didn't get posted on the listings, and it was too late to get into the bulletin... it didn't get off the ground. It seems kind of too late to publicize it well, but we can try again next weekend (April 10th). I have, in the meantime, gotten some helpful advice from Paul Hofherr and Tim Casey. Please add a thread or call or e-mail if interested (917-208-2432), but I will commit to be at the boathouse at 8:45 for a 9:00 departure on Saturday April 10th. Hal is leading a B-16, depending who shows up for the B 15 STS, we will decide then whether to go with Hal, or on our own. I will bring in sign in sheets, and cue sheets.
I will not be riding this weekend, so this should give us enough time to organize for next Saturday, April 10th

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CJVDT (not verified)
Thanks for the update! (nm)
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m mondre (not verified)
April 10

I will be there for this ride, hope it all goes!!!!!

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