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The coming weekend weather looks iffy for Saturday, so I'm guessing lots of people will want to ride on Sunday. I have a roundabout ride to Nyack listed, but have been sidelined from training for the past week with BOTH a troubled knee and a bad cold that gave me laryngitis.
So, is there someone out there who planned to come on this ride who I can hand off to? I've got the cue sheets and all that, and would be glad to drive the route with you Saturday afternoon.
It's a particularly nice route, with some serious hills, but all well-spaced, plenty of recovery time in between. We go up 9W, wend through Rio Vista and over to Knickerbocker, then north up Western Highway, head past West Nyack and peak just north of Lake De Forest, just south of South Mountain. We head down into Nyack and home via Piermont and Booth.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
April Fools!

I'd check the weather forecast again. :-)

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andrea kannapell (not verified)
the weather

I see your point. now forecasts clouds on Saturday and rain on Sunday... Well, any takers in case the forecast changes again? I'd love to keep the ride listed, if at all possible.

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