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Hi, Looking for any suggestions on heart rate monitors. Don't need anything too crazy and not looking to break the bank. Probably will use it for running as well as cycling. Any input/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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don montalvo (not verified)
polar s150

"i'm very happy with my budget polar s150:

...but i do dream of getting the cicliosport hac4:


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Judith Tripp (not verified)

If you really want no bells or whistles, the Polar A1 (or its basic model) just gives your heart rate(there is some extra feature which I don't bother with, I forget what it is). It's all I want. And Polar is the best.

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CJVDT (not verified)

If you just want to view your HR and get your average HR after working out the Polar A1 is all you need. If you want a little more info (such as TIME IN AEROBIC ZONE) the Polar A3 may suffice and is often on sale at place like The Sports Authority for ABOUT $70.

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Bill (not verified)
Cheap and very good - Nashbar C-12

I've had this for a couple of years, and it's great. It's got all the imprtant functions and a few cool extras (Avg. HR for example). And for less than $50, you can't beat it.
The only problem I ever had in using it in very cold conditions (+/- 20)- but that shouldn't be a problem for the next 8 months or so : )

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