Speaking of photos, what kind of camera do you use?

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I'm using a Canon Digital Elph (S110) but am always on the lookout for a newer and better toy - smaller, lighter, better resolution, more zoom, etc. Opinions, anyone? Christian, Jim, Hank, anyone?

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don montalvo (not verified)
pentax optio s (fits in an altoid can)

"i used to worry about resolution...now i worry about size:



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JP (not verified)

Nice little package there! How's the quality? Ease? USB?


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don montalvo (not verified)

the optics are awesome. i got a chance to try one out in november. i shot at full resolution and output through a xerox phaser printer. unlike my nikon 885, there was no falloff at the edges, no chromatic abberation at the specular highlights and no noise in the shadows. i was very impressed.

the altoid can was a nice touch...fits nicely in a jersey pocket. :)


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bill (not verified)

Ditto on this model. I love mine.

FYI, the Casio ExiLim Zoom is nearly the identical camera. Casio and Pentax partnered on these two models. The Casio is a bit larger but has a huge LCD screen and a nice cradle.

My pentax optio fits nicely in a small ziplock bag to protect it from sweat in my jersey pocket.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
@ a glance

Nearly similiar in size; slight difference in weight (1 oz.), price difference ($100), megapixel (1); both uses SD memory storage cards:

Pentax Optio 5
3.2 megapixels
size (in.) 3.3 x 2.0 x 0.80
weight 3.5 oz
srp $299

Casio EX-Z4U
4.0 megapixels
size (in.) 3.43 x 2.24 x .93
weight 4.5 oz
srp $399

I'm interested in the Casio EX-Z4U or Sony cyber shot.


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MB (not verified)
Casio ExiLim EX-Z40 (price drop to $289!!!)

"If you're looking for a tiny, high resolution digital camera with tons of battery life, look no further. I stopped at J&R Music and saw they dropped the price of the Casio ExiLim EX-Z40 from $350 to $289.

This is the camera I originally wanted but was prepared to settle for a lesser, cheaper camera. Apparently all the stores are opening the floodgates so they can prepare for a new shipment of new models. For what it's worth, the Canon ExiLim EX-Z40 is small, light, has a HUGE 2"" lcd screen, uses SD cards and he battery life is one of the highest of any digital camera (360 shots at 640x480 from one battery).

I bought the camera, an extra battery and a cheapo slim case for a measly $380. What a deal! J&R Music (by City Hall) has about a dozen left so act fast...



Mike B. (not really)"

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Hi Evan,

I'm shooting with a Canon G3 - which I like for its fast lens, loads of manual control, 4 mp, hotshoe for an external flash, and so on. However, it is hardly jersey-sized. More like a Leica M3 or so. I attach my photo bag to my handlebar or shove it in my Carradice. Works fine for me, but is certainly not as easy as shoving it in a jersey pocket.

For a jersey-sized camera with manual controls, I'd look at the Canon S45. But if it's primarily for cycling use, I'd stick with the S110. It's extremely easy-to-carry, and more than adequate for web photos.

- Christian

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Jim (not verified)

I use the Canon PowerShot S50. Its not really small or light but its a good camera.

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David Regen (not verified)
cycling photography

I want to experiment with taking digital photos with a compact camera mounted on my handlebar. I want to fire the shutter by modifying an electronic release to work with the tiny button mounted on the interior of Shimano STI levers for the Flight Deck computer. I'll let you know how it goes.

Has anyone tried this?


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Good luck
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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Shameless plug for my employer

I use a Sony DSCP-10. Not much on manual controls but it has great resolution (up to 5.0 megapixels), is lightweight and fits nicely in it's case in my jersey pocket. Even takes mpeg videos!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Mine is bigger than yours...

I use an 8 X 10 bellows camera with a wooden tripod. I found a place to hide it on Fred Steinberg's bike. He hasn't found it or even noticed that his bike is another 40 pounds heavier.

Actually, I use a Fuji FinePix F 401. 2.1 Mega Pixels and about the volume of 3 Pentaxes. The word is obsolete, but it does fit into a jersey pocket and takes good pictures. Hey I ride a steel bike and was born in the first half of the 20th century.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Olympus XA (35mm rangefinder, manual focus, aperture control)
No one said it had to be digital

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Kim Jenkins (not verified)

"I always carry a Sony DSC-U40...as I never know what I'll see on the streets of NYC. Posted many pics to the web and they looked great.

2 megapixel
dimensions: 4"" x 1 5/8"" x 1""

It is heavy at 4.7oz, but comes in a color to match your bike!

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Ira Fogel (not verified)
Sony DSC-T1

Take a look at the new Sony DSC-T1 - credit card size and 5 megapixels - it's the only camera that doesn't slow me down on the hills.

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cat (not verified)
my advice to traveling shutterbugs

I've always been happy with 99% of the aspects of my Canon S200 Digital Elph -- and now there's an S500, which i will probably buy because the baggage handlers at Newark stole the former from my luggage last week. Virgin Atlantic won't take responsibility for anything inside unlocked luggage, but we Americans are not now allowed to lock our luggage, so that they can be plundered in the interest of national security.

So my advice is: whatever you buy, carry your valuables in your hand luggage when you fly. (I'd still recommend the Canon: very compact, easy to use, and takes great photos and movies)

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don (not verified)
carry on luggage ideas

"wow, that sucks...i travel light and am going to puerto rico soon. i asked some friends and a carryon favorite is the 700 series samsonite silhouette 8 carry-on upright suiter. i bought one for $200 cash at innovation luggage near columbus circle. big enough to hold the valuable stuff...fits in the overhead.


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