April 4th New York 200K (130 mi) Audax

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i signed up via active.com for a 200k audax (45$) on 4/4/04 .....i thought it was a much more widely known event and am now unable to find any additional info. i'd like to do the ride, wouldn't mind joining the club too. i live in wall, nj though and would like more specific info regarding the start of the event before driving 1:20 on sunday morning to get to the ride.
if anyone could call me or email me i would appreciate it.
thanks so much.
212-667-4891 day
646-734-9637 cell
[email protected]

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Audax 200 km

"On the Active.com listing, it gives the time and place:

New York 200K (130 mi) Audax
Sunday, April 4, 2004
Start Time: 8AM
New Jersey Side of GW Bridge


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paul (not verified)
audax sunday

is there a particular spot on that side of the bridge and is there parking nearby?

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JP (not verified)

I've heard rumors that the ride may be cancelled. May be!! I guess check back here later.

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JP (not verified)

No longer a rumor - I heard from a friend of Karl that it is kaput!

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Karl Dittebrandt (not verified)

Yes Its true the 200 Is cancelled to be posponed to a later date as there were to few people signed up
A true Audax is a fully supported ride with lead and follow cars and a real catered lunch. I think due to the weather this year to few are ready for a 200 K so I thought it would be better to change to a later date
The Audax training rides still go every Sunday 10 AM
for a single stage of 40 miles or so there are no cancellation conditions so we will always be there
WE depart ON TIME 10 AM jersey side GWB every SUNDAY
Single speed bikes are welcome as thats what I use most of the time[Fixed or Free] welcome

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heath (not verified)
pardon my ignorance

I do not understand what an audax is. Is it a race, a group ride? I saw the info on the active.com site, but I didn't know what is is. Can someone describe it for me.

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JP (not verified)
Sheldon Brown says

"""Audax is a highly-structured style of club riding popular in parts of Europe. Audax clubs ride in precise formation, usually a double pace line, at a fixed speed (18 km/h?) with a set schedule of rest stops ""by the clock."" Riders do not take turns ""pulling"" as with normal pace lines, but a pair of designated, very strong riders are permanently stationed at the front of the peloton.""

It derives from the word audacity - boldly riding long distances on a bicycle had non-riders thinking the riders were audacious. I believe the TdF started as audax - it was a ""tour.""

Audax is a nice style of riding - the group stays a group, period. The distances are generally long, but the pace (15-18 mph) is not hammer-headed. Socializing is important, large lunches and dinners the order of the ride. The pace is so steady, that meal appointments are made at designated times - and the audax riders are generally on time! Longer rides do over-nighters at B&Bs - again, with large meals - et du vin! In Europe, I hear wine is de rigeur at meals and sometimes flasks gets passed around as the ride draws to an end. It's a wonedrful, relaxed style if you are 1/2 way fit. You needn't be Cat 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5- just steady, endurant and well-fed. If you are a hammer-head, audax is great recovery or lsd - long slow distance."

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Peter Storey (not verified)
But the term often refers as well . . .

"to what is variously called ""randonneuring"" or ""brevet-riding"": long (sometimes multi-day) rides at your own pace where you must check in at various points around the course to establish that you really did the whole thing. You must finish between the maximum and minimum allotted times. The clock does not stop for meals or for the night.

Obviously, these are two very different styles of riding, but the term ""Audax"" is applied to both. Go figure. In British usage, I believe the term is always used as described here."

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

The differences between the allure libre type of randonneuring and audax riding are covered here:


Basically, allure libre is at your own pace, audax is riding in a group at a defined speed with defined leaders.

The overall goal is still to cover a set (generally long) distance in a set amount of time.

- Christian

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