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I'm looking for company for morning laps this week and next week on Tuesday and Thursday. I will be leaving from inside the park at 90th and CPW at 6:10 a.m. For those B-SIG participants who have yet to get out during the week, this would be a great chance to put in a few miles. See you tomorrow!

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hannah (not verified)

I've always avoided morning loops because I hate being in the park with cars. But maybe that's just my excuse to sleep late. How annoying is the motorized traffic at that hour?


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Ivy Pool (not verified)

You are right, of course, that the Park is open to traffic during the early morning hours; however, I consider the number of cars using the Park at the proposed hour to be negligible. On my first lap this morning I was passed by 12 cars (yes, I counted). There were slightly more cars during my second and third laps, though there were also more cyclists on the road by then so we were able to claim the left-hand lane, as needed.

I’m not a morning person, so I whole-heartedly endorse any excuse to sleep in. However, I would not want others to be discouraged about riding laps in the early morning hours.

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hannah (not verified)
no more excuses

Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll see you on the East Side on Thursday. If it's not raining or threatening, that is.


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