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I was told that the deli in Piermont is closed for renovation, but I could not believe it! But when I arrived in Piermont last Wednesday, sure enough, the deli was closed. I went across the street to Sidewalk Cafe to try to order takeout. The proprietor saw me with my bike, looking at the menu in the window, and came right out. He was very eager to help. He took my order inside so I wouldn't have to leave my bike alone for a moment. A few minutes later he brought out my tuna salad sandwich and veggies which I took to the gazebo as usual, and it was delicious.
I can't say that the staff will always go outside to take your order (it was slow that day because a film crew had blocked off the street), but the owner indicated he was very bike-friendly and he is clearly interested in our business. He was very accommodating to me. There is a garden in the back where you can sit and take your bike if you want to eat at the restaurant. There are also a few tables out front. Give them a try next time you're in Piermont.

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Ellen Jaffe (not verified)

Thanks for that post Chaim.
You've relieved my anticipation anxiety:
where to fuel when the Runcible's ten muffins are sold out.

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JP (not verified)

It has good food too. Some of the items may be a bit too Tex Mex for a mid-ride meal, but others are nice. I’ve never done take out – may take a bit of time. Sit down if you have the time.

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