A-SIG Classic 3/27: POSTPONED

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We'd rather you learn to paceline on DRY concrete. Therefore, ride will occur on Sun, 3/28, 9am, Boathouse. See ya then!

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Ed White (not verified)

Good...this means the A19 SIG will have the Runciple Spoon all to ourselves today. You guys can overrun the place tomorrow.

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Eric (not verified)
Why Cancel? Just Delay

Can't you just postpone to about 10:00 am like most of the other rides? This afternoon is to be nice according to all the weather I saw.

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Melissa Bybee (not verified)
Why Cancel? Just Delay

The other SIGs may not be working on the same skills we'd plan to work on today. This ride is not about the route (which is easy), but about learning to paceline. Because pacelining requires focus and close contact with each other's wheels, the current weather conditions add risk that we'd prefer not to take today.

If you'd like to ride to Nyack, I see that their is a group of SIGgies going on their own today, in addition to participating in the official ride tomorrow. Check it out.

Have fun and ride safely. See you tomorrow.

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