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Right now the weight of evidence from the 3 major sources of weather information doesn't bode well for tomorrow. If weather.com is correct, we may get lucky and the front will have passed over by around 9am. On the other hand, if Accuweather is correct, there is a good likelihood of rain through 3pm. At the moment, my inclination is to postpone the start time until 9:30am. But that is ONLY if the radar shows the front has passed over, or is likely to do so by around that time. Otherwise, the official ride will be canceled, with a possibility of it going off on Sunday. Look to the Bulletin board later on Saturday to confirm whether Sunday will serve as a backup day if Saturday is a no-go.
Meanwhile, there is a possibility that some in the STS less rain averse than myself may choose to head out regardless of the moisture. There will be a posting indicating that if it should come to pass.

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Idland (not verified)
Clear after 9am

Both accuweather and weather.com say clear skies for the rest of the day after 9am. Is the ride on at 9:30am????

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Yes, 9:30 at The Boathouse we go. (nm)
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