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Does anyone have have any experience in repairing small hairline fractures on carbon fiber frames? I've read various protocols for this on the internet (involving fiberglass and epoxy patching) but I wonder how effective this actually is.


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David Regen (not verified)
CF repair

It depends. Some manufacturers say if the bike has a crack, it should not be riden, cannot be repaired and they ain't responsible if you break a nail 'cause you fell when your bike broke in half (probably the lawyers said to say this).

Some companies do repairs, I understand. One is Kestrel; Stefanie Jackenthal had a mishap a few years back and the top tube got smashed. She sent it back to Kestrel; they X-rayed it and then wrapped the top tube with more carbon fiber pre-peg, then refinished it. I also understand Calfee and Colnago are repairable (but they have to be returned to their respective frame shops; I'd hate to do that with an Italian frame).

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bill (not verified)
carbon repair

You might want to go to Calfee's website and review the postings in their forum. You might turn up some information/get help there.

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