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I was in a bike shop today, and I presented a printout showing that I was a member of the club to get the discount. I have opted to receive the bulletin only electronically. Althought the shop did honor the discount they asked that I present the club ID from the bulletin the next time I am there. I am just going to print out those pages of the bulletin before I go in next time. And my guess is that they will accept it.

Anyone else experience this yet?

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Paul Elkouss (remove the NOSPAM from the email address) (not verified)

Just print out the last page of the pulletin, and you should be fine. It is evidence of membership as you need a password to get that file.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"if the bike shop gives you a hard time over your membership status:

(1) point them to the nycc's membership lookup table:

(2) if they refuse or keep hassling you, look for another bike shop

don (wait...why isn't my name on the list?!)"

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