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Hi there,

I will be over in NY for a week or so in June and was wondering about how to get a bit of cycling in.I road race back in the UK and wouldn't mind getting on the bike for 1 or 2 days,just to keep the training up when on hols.

Don't think ill take my bike over,but im sure I could hire one over there eh?We are staying fairly close to Central Park(can't remember the place,girlfriend booked it).Any info would be much appreciated about where to go etc, as ive never been over before



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Evan Marks (not verified)
bike rentals
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Tim Casey (not verified)
Metro Bicycles

carry Trek 5200s in several sizes. Top quality road/race bikes. A little pricey to rent for the day but still cheaper than packing and shipping your own. It might be as much as $100/day.
Call their 49th St & 9th Ave location. 212-581-4500
or their 96th St & Broadway location. 212-663-7531
You can also pick up a free NYC map with bicycle routes from any of their locations. And check our website for the ride library.
It's always a safe bet if you get to the Loeb Boathouse between 8AM and 9AM. There will be several groups leaving from there.

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