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There is a retro 1950s balloon tire bike with an electric motor in the window of The Sharper Image on West 57th Street (south side between 5th and 6th.) Price is a mere $999.99 - Range on one charge is 15 miles - charger, extra batteries, etc. are avilable. Even comes with a kick stand, and a rear carrier rack.

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Charles Schwinn (not verified)
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No peddaling? What's the point?

Someone please buy the new Schwinn Stingray and take it on an nycc ride.


Seat looks low, more like a recumbent.

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Paul Elkouss (remove the NOSPAM from the email address) (not verified)

"The problem with the sting ray is the size of the wheels. It really needs 26"" rims"

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Hy S. Terrier (not verified)
Electric Bike

Yes, it does have pedals - assist on steep hills, and to get home if and when the battery runs out.

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