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"I've been on tour since Jan 1 from Galveston, TX and am heading towards Martha's Vineyard. Currently, I'm in Cape May Court House, NJ and heading up NJ 9. My ride will put me into the NYC area in 4-6 days (depending on the temp). I need some advice and possible assistance. I would like to know about the ferry from N.J. to NYC and a good route through NYC to CT. Also, I would like possible assistance in possibly finding lodging (a place on the floor for a sleeping bag) for maybe 1-2 nights. If anybody could help me, please email me at my email address. You can also check me out at """". Thanks in advance. I hope to hear from some of you."

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Etoain DeShrdlu (not verified)
Getting from New Jersey to New York

"There is a ride library on this website. I had to hunt around to find it, but keep clicking on things and you'll find the ride library, too. It will give you routes from Bayonne, NJ into Manhattan via Staten Island and a glorious ride across New York Harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, on the Staten Island Ferry.

Or if you can go North from Jersey City to the George Washington Bridge, there is a bicycle/pedestrian trail on the Upper Level, South side. Follow the directions in any of the library's rides for any of the Rockland County NY, or Bergan County, NJ rides, which generally (if you follow them in reverse) get you to Central Park.

Sorry I can't put you up. I'm leaving very soon for a ride to George Bush Country in Texas, and Raisehellfrida The Mud Maiden and some of her friends will be occupying my apartment while I'm gone. Trust me, you don't want to occupy the same apartment as Raisehellfrida at the same time she is there, especially during winter when the windows are closed.

I've explained this in so many previous posts that I hate to go through it all again. But basically, Raisehellfrida likes to bike through mud, and wears mud as a badge of honor. So she doesn't shower much. I guess you can figure out the rest.

Short on cash? There's an AYH Youth hostel at 104th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Speaking of mud and mud maidens, the AYH is dirt cheap. Go for it. To quote an old Montenegrin saying, ""A man far from his own bed cannot be too particular where he spends the night.""

Of course, this is a very ancient saying, written in the days before there were any hotels as we know them today in Montenegro.

Good luck, in your endeavor, although I'm not entirely sure I can figure out the connection betwen cycling and religion, even after glancinig at your home page. To some of our club members, cycling *is* a religion, and forget the rest. On the other hand, back in the 1960s, I hear that some of the older guys worshipped mushrooms. Or ate mushrooms and saw God. Or something like that. What do I know? I'm just a poor Montenegrin immigrant.

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"To expand on the good advice (interleaved with ""humor"") from my linotype colleague: Besides being cheap, the AYH hostel is neat and clean, unlike some other fleabag hotels that label themselves ""hostels."" They're also explicitly bike-friendly as they are hosts to the 5 borough bicycle club."

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Rev. Myors: Galveston to the Mass. Great ride. FYI: If you're passing near Atlantic City; The Longport Bridge is bikeable, the Margate (Mill Rd) is not. 30 & 40/322 are very busy, though IIRC they have shoulders east of Rt 9. North of that, 9 merges with the Garden State Parkway at about mile 50 for a few miles (over the Mullica River) and bikes may not be allowed. If so, you'll need to detour 5 miles inland and cross at Weekstown/Green Bank. To compensate, it's really scenic and peaceful. If you're going to take this detour, consider taking 559 inland at Somers' Point to May's Landing. 9 merges with the Parkway again at Tom's River, but you can detour to 166 and cut through town. If you're not up for biking all the way into NYC, cut east on 37 to Seaside Heights, then North on 35 where you can pick up NJTransit's Coast Line at several points or the Ferry at Atlantic Highlands or Belford . For routes in (and out of) NYC, consult the NYC Bike Map and the NYCC ride library for routes to Westchester. I haven't done it in a while, but recall Rte 22 being OK in the ""off peak."" You can pick it up at the end of the #5 subway. Enjoy your trip."

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Rev. Myors (not verified)
Thanks for all the advice.

"Shalom and thanks for all of the info that I've gotten so far. I'm at the library in Forked River right now. I'm planning to take the Seastreak ferry from Atlantic Highlands into NYC Friday morning. I stayed at the AYH before back in the 80s. I might have to stay there again for the night if it is so highly rated by cyclists.

With regards to cycling and religion, cycling is the mode of transportation that I chose to travel around. Any way, I tell everbody that

""with every wheel revolution a prayer goes up to Heaven""

(that's nearly 908,000,000 wheel revolutions in almost 131,000 mile since Feb. of 1993).

If any of you in NYC sometime this weekend see a loaded yellow recumbent with an orange slow-moving vehicle sign in back traveling through NYC on the way to CT and a guy with a yellow Burley cover on his helmet, please stop and say hello."

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Rev Myors, Please share with us what route you took from Cape May to NYC.

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