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I am interested in hearing from anyone who can opine on the 6 day bicycle tour of colorado that has run for 9 years already and will be on this year from June 26 to July 2. I am thinking of signing up. I would be happy if you were willing to call me at 212-501-7416 (anytime).
thanks, robert

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Colleen Birnstiel (not verified)
Bike Tour Colorado

I did it last year for the first time and am doing it again this year. Absolutely LOVED it. Best ride I've ever done - lots of work but worth it. Very well organized, well supported, and lots of fun. My advice is to pre-pay for lunches because they sell out otherwise. Also, go up a few days early to acclimate by doing a couple of medium length rides before the actual tour begins.

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Lewis (not verified)
Some photos from '03

From my experience, you should sign up for breakfast only. The feed stations are superb and well stocked. There's no need to pay for lunch. Besides, if you keep a moderate pace, you should be able to finsh a day's ride in the early afternoon. As for dinner, well, come on, why do you want to settle for cafeteria food while you can have a feast in town. There will be a beer garden in every town the tour stops at with live music.

As for camping, well, indoor camping is finding a spot to sleep on in a school building. Outdoor camping is more fun but you should always prepare for rain. Rain usually come in the afternoon with a vengeance and clear out in an hour or so. You should also prepare to bring clothes for at least 2 seasons. There's one day that the temperature started at the low 40's when we woke up in the morning then climbed up to 110 by early afternoon when we ventured into Canon City. Yes, it all cooled down after the expected afternoon roller before we need to zip up the tent to sleep. I would also recommand you to bring a lock. There were bike thefts. They come in a pick-up truck.


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Laura Selikson (not verified)
Colorado Bike Trip

I just received the brochure in the mail, and it looked very interesting to me. I was also thinking of going.
Anyone want to join up, not sure if we'd need to rent a car, etc. Glad to hear the last feedback. Thanks
Laura Selikson
917-208-2432, 212-685-7597

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Laura Selikson (not verified)
Colorado Bike Trip

sorry, I added the message twice, and I can't seem to delete it

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