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I'm shopping for a new set of lightweight wheels, and I found some Bontrager carbon fiber wheels with clincher rims; the front. These babies are freaky light (the pair is something like 1200g!!!!) and maybe just a little scary.

Does anyone in the NYCC have experience (i.e., ownership) with CF wheels? How do they hold up? Are they ROK status (Race Only, Freak) or are they a bit more usable for club rides and the like, such as Mavic Ksyrium SSLs? I know they require special brake blocks (I'm told the heat from braking will actually melt regular brake blocks. Anything else I should consider?

Thanks in advance.


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Michael Casey (not verified)

My understanding is braking with carbon rims is much worse in wet weather than traditional rims, so I wouldn't use them as an everyday wheelset.

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jk (not verified)

Go for the Mavic Ksyrium SSL. They are durable and light for everyday use. You gotta be crazy or frickin' rich to use the Bontragers for everyday use on and around the roads of NYC.

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Nathan (not verified)

I went to bontragers site and they don't have any clincher wheelset under 1490grams.

I don't know anyone who rides on a carbon set daily. I only use them on very good roads myself. Basicaly triathlons and rides on the park near my house.

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David Regen (not verified)
Bontrager CF clincher wheels

Bontrager doesn't have them on their site yet, but everyone they supply to (i.e., Trek, Klein, LeMond) has them on their Custom Build pages.

I've only seen racers (and well-sponsored ones at that) using CF tubular wheels, but CF clincher rims are a relatively rare phenom. Hence the inquiry. I really find the club is a great place to ask about this stuff because sooner or later a club member tries out something I'm interested in.

btw, Colorado Cyclist lists Campy Hyperion CF clinchers for $2,899 a pair.

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John Z (not verified)
CF Wheels

Many CF wheel manufacturers do offer clincher versions. However, the added rim weight removes the most compelling reason to buy a CF wheelset.

In addition, I am a firm believer in going with a big-name brand. Therefore, if you are looking for CF, go with Zipp (tubulars). I am getting a set of 404s for the Whiteface race; they offer the best combination of weight savings and aerodynamics. In a 40K TT or on a very long climb they will save about a minute. This might seem a waste of $1350 to some; to others a worthwhile investment.

If you want clinchers, forget about CR and go with Ksyrium SSLs...

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jk (not verified)

What's your credit card number?

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