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Looking for mapping software that is easy to navigate, draw in routes, add notes and print in large format at various scales. Any suggestions?

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don montalvo (not verified)

"i saw ""topo usa"" (version 4) in action once on a pc...amazing for creating cue sheets that include elevation profiles. version 5 should be out in a couple weeks:"

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Topo isn't real friendly

and I haven't figured out how to easily make a turn sheet, the way you can with MS Streets and Routes.
It is fun to plot elevations, but tedious.

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Chris T (not verified)
TopoUSA not ideal...

I have used version 3.0. you can set up turns, directions and distance by clicking on intersections, and it will set up a route for you. What is maddening is that this data cannot be exported in a text format, or even copied into a buffer for other programs. Thus you have to type all the directions and distances AGAIN in word or excel. Plus, the elevation summations are overstated by 15-20%.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"version 3 is pretty old. version 4 has been out for some time...version 5 is due out in a few weeks. apparently version 5 allows you to copy maps to the clipboard. check out the feature comparison between v3/4/5:


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Nathan (not verified)

TopoUSA and street atlas are my favorite. MS streets is pretty good also.

On the PDA TopoUSA(for hiking and mtb) and mapopolis(for driving and cycling) work really well.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Mapping Softwared

Delorme is the one most organizers use. Street Atlas 4 and Topo USA 5 are a good combination. If you use a Mac, you better buy a PC .... I bought Virtual PC and it's not very good. Delorme is not making software for Apple computers anymore.

I know Robert Dinkelmann uses a GPS system. He should know the best for mapping software.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I use Topo! by National Geographic

Topo! by National Geographic, NYC metro will do most rides in our region. For a little more you can get the 10 CD set called Northeaster USA that has NY, NJ & New England. It will not print routes. It will not work out route or even draw routes. But with the tracing tool and using degrees of magnification you can trace along the routes you take and get very accurate distances which you can use to compile a cue sheet. But you will also need a set of local maps, as in Hagstrom, to get road and street names and up to date road configurations. Not all intersections are cue sheet ready using any of these means as some intersections are idiosyncratic. Street Atlas has its own quirks. To get a cue sheet you must bend it to your will.

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