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Performance Catalogue / Discount
In a previous thread an individual who is not in any position of authority / decision making for the club, posted a copy of an email from Performance Catalogue describing a discount program for club members. This was not appropriate and I have asked our webmasters to remove the thread. I would ask all members that in the future, if they receive any solicitous information that they believe would be of any interest to the club, that they pass it on to one of the board members so that we may consider whether it is in the interest of our club to take part.
With particular consideration of the Performance offer, we had already received the correspondence from Performance and the board is currently considering it. If we decide that the club will participate, it will be listed in this coming week's club email. The eweekly will contain specific information along with a password in order to take part in this discount.
Stan Oldak

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Robert Meyer (not verified)
why the fuss

"I fail to see the great ethical or moral victory claimed by policing an offer to save 20% on bicycle related goods. Who cares whether or not the club is getting a few dollars as well. Last I heard the club was not short of funds. The savings to consumers is clear and no one is forcing you to participate.
As for the risk of promoting more such postings, I say ""Bring them on!"""

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Performance Discount Number Here

Since Performance's email to me with the discount number said to pass it along, the company's full email to me, with said number, is below.

The shorthand version says the discount number (aka, coupon code) for NYCC is 6001008.

David H.


Performance Bicycle will hold Club Days on Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM (hours for web and phone). Your club's coupon code for this event is 6001008 . You can use this code to shop on our website (, over the phone (1-800-727-2453) or in our retail stores (check our website for the location and operating hours of the store nearest you). Click here for locations.
If you shop on the web, enter the coupon code at the bottom of the checkout page. If you shop over the phone, give the sales representative the coupon code. If you shop in our stores, print out this document and present it when you make your purchase.

We will credit $2.50 in the form of a Performance Gift Certificate to your club for each member of your club that makes a purchase on Club Day. For instance, if 50 members of your club make a purchase on Club Day, we will donate a Gift Certificate worth $125 to your club. Please feel free to pass along this code to your fellow club members or any of your cycling friends by clicking on the link below.

This coupon code will entitle you to a 20% discount off your total purchase of $75 or more, or a 10% discount off the purchase of any bicycle (bicycles in our retail stores only). This coupon code can only be used on Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th. The discount can be used on our entire inventory of great cycling products. The discount cannot be used for gift certificates or Team Performance memberships and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. Team Performance members can use Team points and also receive the 20% discount.


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Megan Smith (not verified)
Performance sale posting

Just a voice from the peanut gallery: not to be contentious, but as a member, I was happy to learn of the sale on the message board. I often don't have time to fully read the weekly e-mail message but do try to catch some of the message board threads.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
Have your orders shipped?

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Performance (via Web) on Sat nite. As of this afternoon, order has not shipped. Is this the case for the rest of you?

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Michael Casey (not verified)

If you're checking via the Order Status button on the site, don't bother. Send an e-mail to customer service instead.

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JP (not verified)
Performance's performance

Mine shipped yesterday (Mon), due tomorrow (Wed). 20% discount, even on sale items. Plus my 10% rebate, ... and $2.50 to NYCC???

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