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I just had my knee scoped due to a skiing accident and I need to go to a PT. I was looking for PT recommendations from others who have had success. Obviously I want someone who is pro sports activity, as now that my ski season is shot I am trying to get on the bike ASAP. Hopefully one that takes Aetna. Thanks in advance.

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Claudia Kaplan (not verified)
Recommendation for a PT

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

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Basil (not verified)
Dr. Marc Bochner

"Not sure what insurance he takes but I'm currently attending ""Dr. Marc"" for a shoulder and hip injury. He has a chiropractic background with a heavy emphasis on and understanding of sports injuries. He's a biker/triathlete himself and my own opinion so far is that he's responsibly aggressive in treatment of sports injuries with the overall aim of getting you back fit and healthy and on the slopes/bike/road ASAP.
Dr. Marc Bochner
305 E 55 St #108
(212) 688-5770


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Regina Hammond (not verified)
Physical Therapist

I always go to USATC - US athletic training center. THey are an aggressive place that deals with athletes. Some high caliber others like ourselves. I have recommended several people to them.
They are at 53rd/Madison upstairs. 212.355.8440

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Kristin Stodola (not verified)

I am a physical therapist at Nicholas Institute for Sports Medicine. Had I just had my knee scoped I would pick a clinic which has therapist who specialize in Sports Med and work closely with the physicians who preform these type of procedures.

Our clinic is on E 77 th 212-434-2700
Other clinics which I recommend are S.T.A.R or the Hospital for Special Surgery Sports PT Clinic. All clinics take Aetna.

Good Luck!

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