anyone know where to view Milan-San Remo race

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  • anyone know where to view Milan-San Remo race
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Anyone know where in Manhattan, the Milan-San Remo race can be viewed? The race is on Saturday.

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Kiwi Greg (not verified)

Milan San Remo is on RAI TV on TW cable starting at 9:30 tomorrow I believe. Unfortunately I don't subscribe to RAI, otherwise I'd offer to host.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Milan-San Remo

"The race won't be televised on OLN this year. Here's OLN's cycling schedule:

""The Lance Chronicles""? Dullsville, man. (But still more interesting than trophy bass fishing or trophy elk shooting.) Let's face it, Lance is the main reason most people watch cycling on OLN, unfortunately. It's clear that OLN is phasing out prime-time (or perhaps all) cycling coverage except for the Tour. I enjoyed watching the Giro stage repeats shown on weekday evenings for the last couple of years. This year, the stages will be seen 9:30-11am ET and again at 1-2:30pm ET. If I want to see the Giro after work, it will have to be on VCR.


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manuel (not verified)
milano-san remo on Rai International

thanks for the tip!
I just added Rai to my cable and I have a Tivo recorder...I will record the race tomorrow mornong, and for anybody who's interested, I could burn a DVD and give away at the disc price cost ( about $3...I think!).
the only thing is that the program it's in Italian (not a problem for me...I'm from there!)
let me know

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Ben Dale (not verified)

Armstrong Won't Race in Milan - San Remo

Published: March 19, 2004

Filed at 12:27 p.m. ET

MILAN, Italy (AP) -- Lance Armstrong withdrew from the Milan-San Remo cycling race Friday with a mild case of bronchitis.

Armstrong, going for his record sixth Tour de France win later this summer, told the organizers of the opening World Cup event that he could not race. The event starts Saturday.

Nearly 250 starters are set to cover the 182.2-mile race, mostly along the Italian Riviera.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Milano- San Remo

What time is this classic slatet to bigin on Sat.3/20 ???
If it's not too early in the morning,I'll pay mom a visit ( she has RAI ;-)...... Ciao ........Tony

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manuel (not verified)

I was checking on twc and they say 9am to 11:45am

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