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I have been riding with speedplay frogs and I want to try real road pedals. I have a size 12 foot and somewhat sensitive knees. none of the road pedals jump out at me as the best option.
Time and Dura-Ace have only 5 and 6 degrees of float respectively. Is that enough? While Time has 1 degree less float, some claim it is better because it has 2.5-5mm of lateral float. Is that significant?
Look has 9 degrees but seems like an old design. Also, is squeaking really an issue as some have claimed?
Speedplay X series may have too much float. the zero series float looks good at 0-15, though some of the online reviews claim the adjustment screws need frequent attention. The online reviews also mention that after a while the speedplay cleat starts to loosen a bit and you can notice some side to side rocking on the narrow pedal platform.

I am also somewhat interested in less bad walkability and a pedal that doesn't require that I pull out a toothbrush everytime I walk on dirt.

comments invited

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Robert Meyer (not verified)
correction on Time

I think the Time have 10 degrees of float, so I am especially curious if anybody has these. don't remember seeing them on the club rides.

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Paul Elkouss (remove the NOSPAM from the email address) (not verified)
How do you know the ..

How do you know the x series is too much play? Have you ridden them? order them from performance, and return them if you are not satisfied. I think they have a generous return policy. Since you have large feet, 5 degrees of float at the ball of the foot is relatively less for your knees then for someone with smaller feet.

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Christian (not verified)

If you like the float of the Frogs, but really want road-specific pedals, get X/1s.

I have both and I like both from an on-the-bike functionality perspective. However, the Frogs get the nod because of walkability. I use Frogs on my roadbike.

I'd also be willing to trade a set of X/2s (1998, less than 1000 miles) for a used set of Frogs. No cleats, just pedals.

I had Looks before the X/2s. They worked ok, but the red (floating) cleats did squeak every so often. No surprise, a little lube helped.

- Christian

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Kiwi Greg (not verified)
Time Impacts

I have them, They're great. You can even walk down stairs in your cycling shoes and not fall over!!
More than enough float and good cornering clearance.
The platform is very solid and I don't have any problems getting in or out of them.

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David Regen (not verified)
Crank Bros. Candy SL

I've been using the Candy SL pedals for nearly a year now, and I love 'em. I was in Maine last summer when one of my Look pedals fell apart, and the LBS had only mountain bikes. They recommended the Candy SLs to me, and I liked them so much that I never replaced them with the looks. The cleats are metal, and I'm still on my original pair--with over 4,000 miles! It's also very easy to change the grease (with an injector--take 2 min. per pedal). They're light, too (300g/pr) and cost only about $100-120.

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