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I am looking for recommendations for a place to go for a long weekend in mid-april that has nice biking roads. The plan would be to drive there and I don't want to go more than 4 hours away. The Berkshires are nice but I think it might still be too cold so I would prefer suggestions to the south or possibly west. If there is somekind of nightlife that would be a plus. Thanks.

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JP (not verified)
Cape Cod

Cape Cod is really nice. If you stay in Wellfleet, South Wellfleet, you are near if not on the railtrail at its northend. The trail is about 40 miles and has several turns into beaches, parks, etc.

The ride to Provincetown (15 miles??) is fine and there are some beach/forest trails – and you can rent a mtb right near the trails. I roadie cycled to the rental place.

There are other roads, a canal trail in the south, sanctuaries, Wellfleet oysters (harvested fresh) and P’town has a diverse nightlife and cuisine.

I stayed in a 3 bedroom cabin, 50 feet from the railtrail. Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ grill, wbfp, cathedral ceiling … 2 decks. $90/night. There are ponds, some rolling hills, great food.

4-5 hours, depending on traffic and your heavy foot. If you go, I have more info.

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Ben Dale (not verified)

"Amish country (Lancaster, PA) is a nice destination. Forget about the nightlife, though.

The Lancaster Bike Club provides cue sheets free of charge.


I've done a few of the rides, including the ""Covered Bridge Metric Century."" The cue sheets are scenic, safe, and pretty accurate."

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Alan Resnick (not verified)
bike rides -under 2 hrs from NYC driving

A nice area that I went to last fall was Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, Red Hook vicinity. 100 miles north on the east side of the Hudson-lots of quiet little roads-with little traffic and good pavement. In addition lots of historic mansions as well as GREAT food. Culinary Institute of America is in Hydpe Park and lots of graduates now work in the area. The food is very reasonalbe, and accomadations in the area are less expensive as it is not an IN place yet. -I stayed at a B&B in Redhook -weather should be good by mid April-(I hope for all of us) Alan

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Jay (not verified)
The Hamptons could be nice for cycling then

the weather is a bit risky in all areas, but I think it could be a few degrees milder out there--much less than 4 hours driving at certain times and low season hotel rates.

Both forks, Shelter Island, even a ferry to Block Island one day. You could take your bike on the LIRR or the jitney--you don't need a car. Try to avoid the main road
on the South Fork (27) as much as possible esp on w/e's--there are parallel roads.

If you decide to go, let me know -- I think I could dig out ride routes, etc.

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Chris T (not verified)
Delamarva Penisula

The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge might just be within the 4 hour radius (after emerging from either tunnel). Try mapquest to check milage.
No hills, Off-season, should be nice. here's a site http://www.atbeach.com/mdstpark/mdpark.html

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John Z (not verified)
Go South!

I must agree with those suggesting you go south, to either Lancaster County or the Delmarva pennisular. The weather difference between 4 hours north of here and 4 hours south of here can be significant, especially during seasonal transition months.

The Bicycle Club of Philadelphia (BCP) is holding its annual Spring event in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Maryland on April 23 -25. Go to http://phillybikeclub.org/ for more details.

Lancaster County, PA does offer some great riding, just stay off of Lancaster Pike! BCP's ride library has cue sheets for rides around Lancaster County. Chester County is adjacent east of Lancaster County and also has some wonderful roads.

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