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If you have participated in Bike New York before, either as a volunteer or participant, please email me ASAP if you want to help BNY - should only involves 5-10 minutes of your time. I'm not soliciting marshals, but we do need them ... especially strong front riders. This matter is related to administration.

Please email me at [email protected] for more info.

Thank you in advance.

diane goodwin

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Harvey Minsky (not verified)
Masi -Bike new York

Hi Diane,

I would like to give all A riders in the SIGS and the STS' the opportunity to ride in front portion of Bike New York. As Dianne has said we need strong riders. We keep the pace for the entire tour. The group I am referring to is called the Masi group. We ride in back of the pace team. For your participation you will be given free admision, breakfast and lunch. Please respond to Diane as soon as possible. We want A riders.


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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

"Thanks Havey for the brief description of BNY. My intent of the post was to solicit letters of previous participants and volunteers BUT yes, of course, any cyclist who can maintain a 15mph pace for 45 miles, has pack ride or comparable skills, can take and give directions, doesn't overlap wheels and wants to arrive at the finish in Staten Island by 11:30 a.m. and procede to the ""private marshall ferry line"" avoiding the crowds is welcome to contact me to become a Masi marshall.

On April 4th, we're having a mandatory Masi Training Ride which is lead by Steve Taylor, Ralph Yozzo and myself to Rockland Lake. It's a time to get to know each other's bike handling skills and personality - so we aren't strangers on BNY. 8:30 a.m. at The Plaza Hotel is the time we leave

The truth about Masi is that once we're on the bike ... we don't stop anywhere along the route or ride under 15 mph unless it's to enter the Astoria Park where we wait until the roads open again at 10 a.m. or Staten Island which is the finish. Anyone who tells you it's a slow ride is mistaken and has never ridden up front. Dangerous? That's another fallacy ... it could be if you don't wear a helmet or wear headphones or use your cell phone ... that's against the BNY rules anyway and is inappropriate cycling behavior in a group.

It becomes a ""race"" at different points in the ride like the beginning ... up Sixth Ave to Central Park. We hold off the ""jumpers and bandits"" on Sixth Ave - the ones who want to avoid walking up Sixth Ave. Another place is Ft. Hamilton Parkway - ouch! Previous years have showed that we couldn't hold that line very well as the roadway opens up, becomes a climb and some Masi have been dropped throughout Brooklyn - all this happens at once! This is the most amazing part of the ride ... the strong rule! Gaps open up and the race is on .... little do these participants who push us know, but the pace car sees this happening and the ride gets slowed down just enough for the Masi to regroup and off we go to the best part of the ride .... the Belt Parkway leg. This is fun because we are almost finished and get to watch cyclists along the Shore Parkway try to race us. It's common for the entire group to cheer on a child riding along that bike path.

Believe me, this is NOT a slow ride at all. The front line is NOT the typical BNY ride you will have if you sign-up as a participant. As each year passes, I see more and more stronger riders up front ... not to mention this year there may be a record number of women Masi!

If any of this appeals to you, as Harvey stated, you should contact me before signing up online to insure your spot.

BTW Mr. ""Sustain25mph"" I have clocked 25+ on BNY.

diane goodwin"

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Sustain25mph (not verified)

What kind of pace you guys are driving??? 20 mph??? Fat chance with Bike New York. You are lucky if you don't have to walk with your bike.

Try MS Bike Tour. Last year there was a pro team driving the pace. The pace was so brutal in the River Road that half of the field in the front got dropped. By the end of the tour, only 6 riders doing the 100 miles managed to finish first. Mind you, last year we had to ride in the rain in the beginning.

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JP (not verified)
Did you read it?

The post says the Masi group rides behind the pace team - the Saturn Team I believe. That shouldn't be a walk in the park with fred and freda!

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MT (not verified)
Victor, Victor, Victor....

"A Cat IV, mouthing off to a recreational bike club.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Big fish, small pond.

Why don't you take it over to the CRCA board? See you at the start line of the ""C"" races, OK?"

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JP (not verified)
Chan Boy

Yeah that sounds like Chan’s stupid tone and bad grammar. The little boy got bounced from the A SIG, all A rides, the club, the board, made a fool out of himself at, has riders and racers in P Park thinking he should be lectured, and now he’s back here. What a low life. Oh yeah – he bounced off of 9W asphalt and a Verizon truck. Funny – he makes for quite a laugh. BTW, he rides a white-blue Orbea (from e-bay). If you spot him – he always rides alone - help him up from the asphalt and call his mommy. She’s a Cat 4 too.

Hope to see ya soon VC.

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Sherlock Holmes (not verified)
VC's Cat 5 Race Results - 2003

Check out this link:
Click Cat 5 2003 at the bottom where Victor resides
and well below NYCC's John G.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Wait a minute!

"""Click Cat 5 2003 at the bottom where Victor resides
and well below NYCC's John G.""

The results are listed alphabetically, not by accomplishments. At least Victor placed 5th in one of the races.


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