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Hi All,

I'm working for a story for Time Out New York Kids and would love to find a great ride at the end of a ferry excursion that would be good to take with kids. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that New York Waterway, among others, will desposit riders in a variety of places that may be good for biking. Does anyone have any ideas for me?
Thanks so much,

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george (not verified)


Hartshorne Woods Park in NJ has some tremendous cycling trails and it will take you a couple of hours to bike all the way round. Take a New York Fast Ferry or Seastreak from Wall St. or 34th St. in Manhattan to Sandy Hook in NJ - the ferry takes about 40 mins and is just as exciting as the cycling.



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sharlene (not verified)
more info please

george, thanks so much for your reply. would you mind giving me a little more information about this ride? when you get off the ferry, are you right at a bike trail? If not, how do you get to it? also, since this is for a ride with kids, i was wondering if you must ride in traffic at any point? Any specifics you could give me would be much appreciated. Feel free to email me directly if you like. Or if anyone else has further advice that would be great too! thanks so much, Sharlene

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Are you the same Sharlene who works for NY Water Taxi? If so, have you considered some sort of sail/bike rental package deal?

There's nice riding along the Queens-Brooklyn waterfront in general. The Brooklyn Army Terminal stop is convenient to the Belt Parkway bikeway, which (more or less) takes you along the shore all the way to Canarsie. But NYWT doesn't stop there on weekends, when most recreational rides take place.

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sharlene (not verified)
good for kids?

isaac, thanks, this ride sounds fun. do you think it would be good to do with kids, ie, must one ride in traffic? and no, i don't work for the water taxi! thanks so much. sharlene

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Sharlene, The Belt Parkway is very family/kid friendly, as it's not in traffic, is very scenic & has benches & picnic area and other fun stuff along the way. (The rest of the brooklyn waterfront is ""in traffic"" though sparse on weekends. Red Hook is very quiet, for now, it won't be once IKEA is built.) The ferry doesn't run to brooklyn on weekends, though. There are bikeways along the east river that are reachable by ferry, specifically Pier 11 and East 90th St. There is a bikeway along almost the entire West side of Manhattan, reachable via Ferry at WFC, Chelsea Piers & W 38 St. There are also short bikeways on the St George side of the SI Ferry. A good overall resource is the NYC Cycling Map, available free at most bike shops or online here: http://www.transalt.org/info/maps.html There's also good information on bikes on transit here http://www.transalt.org/info/cycling.html
A good resource regarding cycling in the city is Kit Hodge at Transportation Alternatives ([email protected])
A ""family friendly"" ride without a ferry is Pelham Bay Park/Orchard Beach, which is quieter and more level than Central Park and has rentals too.


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Helen (not verified)
Sandy Hook bike path

I rode the Sandy Hook bike path in November and it was pretty much finished. I had to duck under a bulldozer and there a couple of patches where you had to walk your bike across some dirt but other than that, it was PERFECT! Enjoy!

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
It's part of a plan...


When I did a Sandy Hook ride last year, I was told by park officials that I needed ""permission"" to ride the roads once the bike path is completed.

Those people aren't exactly friendly to cyclists. They didn't allow bike access to the Hook during last year's Twin Lights event. I did anyway with a friend.

Traffic is somewhat busy & faster in the middle. Better to have lower speed limits for cars (20mph instead of 40). I've seen several rumble strips near pedestrian crossings.

In addition, there are long-range plans to make a new Highlands Bridge (the crossing that connects Highlands to the Hook and towns south). It will have a bike lane or path. Plus provide full-time ferry service to the Hook (via NYC?). Maybe a small hotel.

Also, the Monmouth County freeholders acquired land that would link the Henry Hudson Trail to Sandy Hook via a new Highlands Bridge. Only time will tell...


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Chris T. (not verified)
Times change...

Alfredo, that's sad news about Sandy Hook. When I lived in Monmouth county, it was a great destination to ride to from home or work. The only obstecle was the wind. Park officials never bothered cyclists.

Does this bike path parallel the road, or is it close to the beach? This path wasn't even a thought back in 2000.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
not quite


The asphalt bike path is on the outer part (quieter & less busier roads) of the Hook, beyond the Visitor Center, along the Atlantic Ocean side to the Ft. Hancock area. And you can see a Cold War ""souvenir,"" a deactivated Nike Ajax missile.

Despite the headwinds, you could ride 20mph on the tailwinds on the regular road.

The Sandy Hook parks people do allow some events, like a time trial hosted by a local bike club. And the 2002 event, a 3-day ride from Jersey to Washington DC via Sandy Hook ferry. Plus an occasional MS ride from the area.

The reason Twin Lights ride wasn't allowed on Sandy Hook last year because those people complained cyclists didn't ride properly (e.g single or double file, stay on the right) in 2002.

I can see where those people come from. Riding into Sandy Hook, you deal with busy traffic. There is a speed limit, and they do restrict traffic in the summer. But it would be nice to put a bike lane.

They forgot about that aforementioned 3 day NJ-Washington DC event, where everybody rode the entire lane.

The better play would be to: further restrict auto traffic and/or lower speed limits; educate people to ride or drive safely in Sandy Hook; be considerate to regular cyclists, esp. kids & people who aren't racers or event riders.

If and when a new Highlands bridge will be built with a bike path, then we'll see if the Parks people will change their attitude about us two wheelers.

Nonetheless, cyclists will ride into Sandy Hook anyway. When I lead a Sandy Hook ride in the summer and see those people wondering if I got ""permission,"" I'll be ready.


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