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I'm going to be purchasing a bike soon. I'm thinking of the Trek 1200 (it will be my first real bike, and I don't have too much money). I was wondering if a bike like this will also be able to do some touring, e.g. the Berkshires ride that is planned--it can handle that, right? Also, if you have any general suggestions for a newbie, I'd appreciate it!


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Gary (not verified)
New Bike

The Trek 1200 looks like a good choice for a first road bike at an entry budget.

It has a triple crankset that will provide a wide range of gears to handle hills more easily - perfect for the Berkshires. You may easily and inexpensively change the rear 12/25 to a 13/27+ later if you like.

The most important part of a new bike is a proper size and FIT. A reputable bike shop will measure you and make the required adjustments to optimize your comfort and efficency on the bike.

It is well worth paying for a BIKE FIT before you buy a bike. Most shops will give you a discount on the fee when you purchase a bike.

See you on the road!

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