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"Sorry guys they should work now. Last weeks A-19 SIG Photos.

Saturday 3/13 Cue Sheet


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

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Marci (not verified)
Tues/ Thurs A19-SIG Laps (starting today, even tho it's Monday)

Thanks to our leaders for a great ride Saturday!

I mentioned to some people that I'd send around an email for anyone that wanted to start getting together to do laps during the week. Thought I'd post here also, as I just hit reply to all on Anthony's cue sheet email and I'm not sure it includes everyone.

I'm usually out there at least a few nights a week, but I'm thinking we could set a plan to meet every Tues/Thurs 7:00 at the Boathouse for three or four
laps w/ sigmates -- we can practice our skills, do some hill repeats, intervals, whatever.

If you're interested, shoot me an email and we can coordinate the group. Tonight looks like the best night of the week, while tomorrow may be a wash out, so I'll be out there at 7:00 with whoever wants to join (just let me know so I stop at the Boathouse.)

PS Lisa (that I spoke to Sat) -- I didn't notice your email on the list. If you do get this, let me know and I'll make a note to save your address.

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