Montauk Century

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What's this ride like?

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george (not verified)

If the weather is nice and the headwind not too bad, its a splendid ride. There can be fewer ride endings better than cruising down the last (only?) hill into Montauk. And the food is excellent, if a little controversial. Pizza last year seemed to generate an enormous amount of debate.

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Jay (not verified)

Montauk century is flat with very few turns & the last part has some beauty. Most of the ride thru Nassau & Western Suffolk is on a main road thru suburbia--there are shoulders and traffic on Sun AM is not a problem but it isn't very pretty. Wind is a factor and can be a major problem if strong headwinds prevail.

I enjoyed staying over Sun eve (motels have low season rates) riding around out there Monday & took jitney back Mon PM

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ITNOC (not verified)
Accomodations? day of Montauk Century

When you did the Montauk Century, did you need to make hotel/motel reservations in advance, or were you able to find accomodations same day after arriving from the ride? Appreciate your input. Can you make any recommendations of places to stay?

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