Annoying bikers

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"I was cruising the downslope of the Brooklyn Bridge this morning at a fairly sedate pace when a very shiny, highly expensive, minimally-spoked machine flew past me at high speed and then jinked in front of me to squeeze through a gap between myself and an oncoming commuter, shouting ""On yer left"" as he went.

Now I've been guilty of similar behaviour countless times in the past whilst on my non-commuter bike but I can tell you that from the recipient's perspective its bloody annoying.

Just a thought, like."

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JP (not verified)

Bikers ride motorcycles. I myself am a cyclist.

Yes, me too, I rather be the hammer than the nail ;-)

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John Z (not verified)
Not I

It wasn't me, although I have been known to race the Q train over the Manhattan Bridge. Its a good interval workout with a Gotham twist.

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